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Are you looking for a local Wisconsin solar panel installer? Sun Badger Solar is your go-to Wisconsin solar installation company. We’ve been serving the state for years and know the ins and outs of home solar systems, battery storage systems, EV charging, and WI solar tax incentive programs. We use only the latest technology and high-performance products and our team of licensed solar installers work hard to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. Simply put, if you’re looking for a solar installer near you, the pros at Sun Badger WI are here to lend a helping hand. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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10 out of 10

“Our experience with Sun Badger Solar was superb. From the initial sales presentation all the way through to the closeout call, Sun Badger exceeded our expectations. The installation team were professional, courteous and efficient with their install, working through inclement weather and always communicating with us on the progress. 10 out of 10 experience and highly recommend them for your solar journey.”
– Jake R., Wisconsin

A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.
A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.


Whether you are considering solar installation for your home or business, Sun Badger Solar can help. We’re a local solar power company that takes pride in how we serve our communities. We take pride in our company’s reputation for quality service and satisfied customers throughout the state of Wisconsin. We provide quality customer support long after the solar project is completed. You can rely on our satisfaction guarantee and warranty on the workmanship of the Solar energy system we install. No matter what kind of solar installation you need, residential or commercial, we want you to know that we’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied. 

We believe no one should miss out on the benefits of solar energy because of the initial investment. We offer solar financing and knowledge on the available solar tax incentives. We’ll also work to make solar energy an affordable solution for you! Residential or commercial, Sun Badger Solar has you covered. 

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A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.


Our team of expert solar installers has worked on every type of home and commercial property imaginable, with rooftops old and new. We’ve designed for a huge range of solar installation needs and requirements, and we always work to find the best solar panel installation solution for you. As your trusted Wisconsin solar installers, you can count on us to do the work the right way.

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A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.

Your Wisconsin Solar

state incentives and tax credits

you could get up to 34% of the cost credited back!


• 30% Federal Tax Credit for all customers
• Up to $1,000 for unshaded roofs**


• 30% Federal Tax Credit
• Up to $1,000 for unshaded roofs**
• 100% Bonus Depreciation in Year 1

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Calculate Your Solar incentives

*This is only an estimate. Costs are subject to change based or solar assessment.
**Focus on Energy – For south-facing homes, Focus on Energy provides up to $2,000 in cash as soon as your system is installed. **Focus on Energy Business – For businesses, Focus on Energy offers $4,000 towards the cost of your system.

Quotation Marks.

The personal touches are really nice.

I found that of the companies that I talked to, Sun Badger was the most accommodating. They definitely educated me the most. Sun Badger is specific to the Milwaukee area, that’s something that I really wanted to stay with. With a local provider and invest in a Wisconsin company. They explained everything in very great detail.

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Quotation Marks.

I have been absolutley in love with our solar system.

I have been looking at solar for about 3 years now and doing a crazy amount of research on it. I am usually a first adopter when it comes to most electronics, but in this case I held off because it is a big thing. I did a ton of research and interviewed 6 or 7 different companies and got proposals. I ended up going with Sun Badger because of the scope of what they offer and they made it fit what I need. They worked through the whole thing with me and Sun Badger made it happen.

Wisconsin state Solar

Initiatives & Partnerships

Renew Wisconsin logo.

renew wisconsin

RENEW Wisconsin is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Wisconsin through the advancement of renewable energy. We work on policies and programs that support solar power, wind power, biogas, local hydropower, geothermal energy, and electric vehicles.

Focus On Energy logo.

Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy empowers the people and businesses of Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with enduring economic benefits. Since 2001, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resource program has stayed true to that mission statement.

On behalf of 107 Wisconsin electric and natural gas utilities, Focus on Energy’s information, resources and financial incentives benefit all Wisconsinites by implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that otherwise wouldn’t happen, or in some cases years sooner than scheduled.

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2022 Climate Champions

Today, County Executive Joe Parisi joined the Office of Energy and Climate Change (OECC) to recognize local entities leading on climate action through Dane County’s Climate Champions program. The aim is to celebrate local leadership in fulfilling the goals set forth in Dane County’s Climate Action Plan, which commits Dane County to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 50% county-wide by 2030 and puts the county on a path to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

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2022 Sustainability Award Winner

Best Company created a submission-based Sustainability Award to publicly recognize and congratulate companies that go the extra mile to be sustainable. Sun Badger is one out of eleven companies who have been given this award. While we do provide solar services, we also have adopted paperless billing and use electric vehicles throughout our company. Our solar panels are manufactured in the United States and are ethically sourced. We are proud to accept this award from Best Company.

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Wisconsin home solar system installations

Wisconsin | Get a free quote today!
Wisconsin | Get a free quote today!
Wisconsin | Get a free quote today!
Wisconsin | Get a free quote today!
Wisconsin | Get a free quote today!


Sun Badger Solar is a local Wisconsin solar system installer that offers top-of-the-line solar panel technology and incredible customer service to fit your energy needs. Solar power is a great fit for WI winters and is one of the most tested sources of renewable energy on the planet. From Milwaukee to mellen we know Wisconsin Solar Panels. Contact us today and get a free quote on a custom solar panel installation.


All of the solar energy products that we install are state-of-the-art. Because we only install the best solar panels on the market, you can rest easy that you’re getting the best quality for your money, especially once you apply available tax incentives and financing options. As an added bonus, most of the solar panels we install come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty. We’ll help get the solar panels replaced if anything goes wrong during your warranty period. That’s just one of many ways we make sure you are completely satisfied with your solar installation experience. If you’re looking for a solar installer near you, contact the pros at Solar Badger today!

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What Sun Badger’s Talking About

In Wisconsin

Sun Badger Solar helps Janesville Non-Profit Go Solar

Sun Badger Solar helps Janesville Non-Profit Go Solar

Sustainability and cost savings coming to ECHO ECHO is a non-profit organization in Janesville, WI that serves area residents with a large food pantry, assistance for those experiencing homelessness, and other services like emergency rent assistance, transportation,...

Tricklebee Café Makes News and Makes a Difference with Solar

Tricklebee Café Makes News and Makes a Difference with Solar

We get excited about all of our solar system installs here at Sun Badger Solar. But every once in a while, we help a customer harness the power of solar energy and it creates a little buzz. A few weeks ago, we wrote about our non-profit customer, Tricklebee Café going...

Wisconsin Solar Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates [2021 Update]

Wisconsin Solar Incentives, Tax Credits & Rebates [2021 Update]

Solar energy is an investment both into your future and the Earth's future. Let's face it. There's a lot of good that can come from installing a product that's good for the Earth. At Sun Badger Solar, we want to help make communities aware of all the...

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