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There are more than just a few things you should know before putting solar panels on your roof. Putting solar panels on your roof isn’t too complex of a task, but there is a fairly small margin for error which can result in some very expensive repairs. This is why professionals are required to install solar panels to your home correctly.

Let’s break down what you need to know before deciding on whether or not to put solar panels on your roof.

Can Your Roof Support Solar Panels?

Classic blue house with solar panels on the roof

This is one of the most important questions to consider before you get too far into the solar purchasing process. While most homeowners will have a good roof that can easily support solar panels, some may need to get their roof replaced before installing solar panels. You can definitely take your solar panels off to replace your roof after they’ve been installed, and you may need to do so at least once during the life of your solar panels. But, ideally, your roof (if it’s made of asphalt shingles) won’t be at the very end of its life.

How Long Will You Live in Your House?

Deciding how long you’ll be living in a house is hard. You don’t need to decide upon the home being a forever home, but you should be sure that you’re going to be living in the home at least long enough to benefit from the investment that solar panels are.

Typically you’ll want to live in the house for 3-5 years after you’ve installed the panels because most solar loans take between seven and ten years to pay off, but you can recoup your money really quickly because of resale value and tax incentives!

What Direction Does Your Roof Face?

It’s always good to know what direction your roof faces. The sun will shine more on a south-facing roof than any other direction. If your roof is south facing, you can ensure that your solar panels get the most exposure to the sun as possible. This doesn’t disqualify roofs that don’t face south, so be sure to speak with one of our solar representatives to better understand how your roof’s direction will affect solar energy production.

Do You Have Any Trees that Will Need to be Removed?

man cutting up wood that could have been obstructing solar panels

Trees are one of the main causes of roof damage and can also cause a lot of damage to your solar panels. Removing any overhanging tree branches will be essential before you can install your solar panels. Additionally, overhanging tree branches will shade your solar panels and keep them producing the optimal amount of electricity.

Are There Warranties on the Solar Panels You’re Installing?

Most major solar panel manufacturers do include warranties on their solar panels. When you’re speaking to a company about installing solar panels on your home, you should ensure that the panels they install have a performance warranty and if they cover the full life of your new solar panels.

The photovoltaic cell panels that we install at Sun Badger Solar come with a 25-year warranty that we also match with our workmanship warranty. You can rest assured that your solar panels will continue to produce electricity for many years to come!

Solar panel installation on the roof of a grey house

What’s the Difference Between Buying and Leasing?

There’s a big difference between leasing and buying solar panels. Leasing solar panels is like renting them. You’ll be paying a monthly cost to have them on your home without ever truly owning them.

Buying solar panels may often require a loan to which you will have a monthly payment, but that loan will eventually go away, and you’ll own the panels and all of the energy savings they bring. When speaking to a solar representative, talk through the benefits of both leasing and buying so that you can decide what’s right for you.

Are you Aware of the Tax Incentives and Rebates?

One of the best benefits you’ll receive by installing solar are the tax incentives and rebates from local power companies. At Sun Badger, we lay out these incentives as part of the payment plan for your solar panels. The money you save in taxes can go right towards your solar loan and help you pay it off it faster!

Power companies often offer rebates that encourage homeowners to install solar energy systems. We’d be happy to help you research and find more details on what your local power company is doing to make solar energy more affordable. Reach out to us today to get started!

How Are Solar Panels Mounted To Your Roof?

man installing solar panels on a roof

So, how exactly are solar panels installed on your roof? Let’s break it down.

Depending on the type of roof you have, the way solar panels are attached to your roof will change. When it comes to the most standard type of roofing, asphalt shingles, the panels are attached with a lag bolt and flashing. The bolt is screwed into the roof’s rafters, and the flashing helps keep water from penetrating your roofing system.

At Sun Badger, we offer a 5-year leak warranty if water does ever get past the flashing we install. The solar panels are then attached to these brackets where they’ll live out their life soaking up the sun.

If you want to learn more about solar and what it would take to get solar installed on your home, reach out to Sun Badger today! The quote and consultation are both completely free. We’ll help you determine how much solar you’d need to supplement your electric bill and what you can do right now to start making your home more energy-efficient.

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