When discussing solar panel installation with a new customer, we often discuss the environmental and financial benefits first. These are very important aspects indeed, yet there’s another element of our solar panels that’s equally critical and compelling–the technology.

A complete solar energy system requires several technological components to produce electricity, convert it into something useful, store excess electricity, and mount the solar arrays on your home or business. We only use the most innovative and advanced technology for each of these components. Learn more about the technology we use to install your solar panel systems. 

State-of-the-Art, Smart Solar Inverter

The solar inverter is the brains behind the solar energy system. You see, solar panels produce direct current (DC) power; standard home appliances use alternating current (AC) power. The solar inverter is what transforms the DC power produced by the solar panels into AC power. If the inverter is low quality or faulty, your solar panel system won’t work because that power isn’t being converted into something useful. That’s why we use the best of the best in solar inverters, the Enphase Iq7/7Plus System.

Source: Enphase Website

Think of solar panels like a string of holiday lights. When one bulb goes out, all of the lights stop working. It’s the same for conventional inverter systems, when one panel fails, the whole system goes out. Or when one panel’s output drops–thanks to fallen leaves, a passing cloud, or some other unavoidable factor–the system’s overall performance drops to match that lowest-performing panel. With microinverters, each panel operates independently; so no matter what happens to any one panel, the rest of your system keeps shining bright.

Enphase stands by their solar inverters with an industry-highest 25-year warranty. You’ve already got enough things to worry about, replacing your solar shouldn’t be one of them!

Sleek, Sexy Solar Panels

You probably never thought you’d see “sexy” and “solar panel” in the same sentence. But once you see our black-on-black Unirac SFM Infinity panels, it’ll be the only word you can think of! 

The Unirac Infinity are the latest solar panels on the market. Not only do these panels look great, they’re some of the most efficient panels out there and some of the strongest. They require 20% fewer roof attachments, which reduces the potential for leaks, and they use patented weatherproof technology that seals roof attachments. Unirac also offers an industry-leading 25-year warranty for the full system. 

Our solar energy systems are top of the line, using the best components and technology out there. It’s not just lip service, the systems we install on your homes and businesses are the exact same ones we have installed on our own homes (and our parents, too)! 


Sun Badger Solar installed a ground mount for our President Trevor Sumner’s mother and father in Watertown Wisconsin! Soggy Bottom Ranch is a small rural farm cultivating hemp for CBD products, along with some fresh produce and livestock. This ground mount will offset their energy bill by 80% and it qualified for a special Rural Focus On Energy Incentive. 

Want to learn more about the technology we use in our solar panel installations? Contact us today for more information and a free solar consultation.