Have you had problems with birds getting onto your solar panels? Pigeons and other similar birds like to hang around on top of roofs. While the feathers and bird poop left behind are definitely a downside, there are even greater disadvantages for those who have solar panels on their roofs.

Today we’re breaking down DIY bird-proofing systems for your solar panels and how you can ensure that birds keep off of your panels.

4 Bird-Proofing Ideas for Solar Panels

When it comes to bird proofing solar panels, there are lots of different strategies. Not every strategy is going to work for every home, so be sure to ask around or see what other homeowners in your area are doing to take care of their solar panels.

How to bird proof solar paneling

Set-Up Bird Mesh

You’ll never want to put a mesh up around your entire roof or home. Bird mesh is ugly and can really take away from the overall appeal of your home. But, what you can do is fill the gaps around your solar panels so that birds and other animals can’t get underneath the panel. At Sun Badger Solar, we offer Critter Guard. Critter Guard is a simple system that we can install to protect your solar panels from the critters and birds that can often wreak havoc.

The small space between the panel and your roof creates protection for animals that are looking to nest. But, unfortunately, that’s not the best place to have a nest. The mesh should keep them out of that area.

Install Roof Spikes

Roof spikes are, in our opinion, a more aggressive way of trying to control what does and doesn’t spend time on your roof. Roof spikes can be somewhat dangerous if you ever need to walk the roof yourself, but they won’t hurt the animals or birds at all. The wildlife is smart enough to know that they won’t be able to step on the spikes without experiencing a little difficulty. Roof spikes will keep the crowds of birds from trying t0 live on your roof and thus helping to keep your solar panels and roof clean.

Install Plastic Predators

Plastic predators have long been a way to keep those pesky birds and other animals away. And, the best part about it is that the plastic predators can easily be hidden from your everyday life. Simply place them in the surrounding trees or on top of your roof just out of sight. The only trouble with this method is that sometimes the birds and squirrels are smart enough to know that the plastic predator isn’t real.

In these cases, the best thing to do is move the owl or hawk dummy around from time to time in order to keep the birds guessing as to whether or not it’s really real. If you leave it in the same place for too long, the birds will be sure to return and wreak havoc on your roof.

Ensure Your Yard and Garden is Clean

Your yard and garden will have a lot to do with attracting birds in the area. If it’s not clean and well kept, there’s a higher chance that smaller animals such as snakes, mice, and large insects will live in that area. These smaller pests may not bother you now, but they are a primary food source for the birds that like to rest on top of your roof.

By cleaning up your garden and yard, you’ll be able to ensure that the birds don’t have a specific reason to choose your roof over the neighbors.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Birds

Birds are actually a huge benefactor of solar panels being present throughout our world. Solar panels help to prevent pollution and, in turn, offer a better life for birds. Pollution and climate change is a huge enemy of the birds that live just outside our windows.

Wind turbines are a source of green energy, but because of the huge blades, they can disrupt the birds and sometimes even hit the birds as they’re flying through the air. Solar panels provide clean energy without causing any harm to the birds and animals around them. You can learn more about how solar panels work by checking out this solar energy guide.

If you’re looking to get solar installed on your home, reach out to Sun Badger Solar today! We’d love to help you get the right solar panels on your home and ensure that you have access to all of the clean energy that you need.

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