Sun Badger Solar responds to demand with expanded Florida presence

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, installations of solar energy systems in Florida have increased in each of the past five years. 

Floridians are looking for options to keep the lights on in the face of heightened storm activity and increasingly frequent storm-driven power outages. Fortunately, federal tax credits on solar installation have been authorized to continue at 26% through 2021. 

This combination of security and savings means the demand for quality solar installation will likely continue to see increases in the immediate future. In response to this demand, Sun Badger Solar is expanding its presence in Florida with a Sarasota office.

Energy Independence

Sun Badger Solar works with the highest quality products and latest technology from panels to micro-inverters and batteries. This ensures that each system installed by Sun Badger Solar is optimized to operate in the most sustainable way and provide both savings and efficient power security to the homeowner.

While the sun shines much of the time in Florida, it’s important to note that a solar system can provide power even when the sun isn’t shining. 

“When the power goes out solar energy stored, or banked, in a whole home battery system will continue to power a home,” says Trevor Sumner, president of Sun Badger Solar. “And, unlike a standby generator, solar power will provide benefits all year long in the form of lower utility bills, sustainability and increased home value.”

Significant Money Savings

Whether a homeowner is turning to solar for energy independence or environmental sustainability, many are surprised by the amount of money that they can save. 

In addition to the federal tax credit, Floridians enjoy very favorable rates at which their utility company credits them for electricity generated in excess of what an individual home uses leading to lower utility bills. These savings add up, and when coupled with the increased property value attributed to adding a solar system, most residential installations will end up paying for themselves within a few years.

Florida Expansion

Sun Badger Solar’s commitment to serving markets on Florida’s west coast means immediate local hiring for the company and the opening of a second Florida office in Sarasota . The company’s other Florida office is in Estero.

Homeowners looking for solar advice, expertise and an estimate can reach the company at 888-SUN-BDGR (888-786-2347) or

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