Receive $500

When you share the love!

Ever heard of solar-friends-with-benefits?

No? Well, let us be the first to introduce you to Sun Badger™ Solar’s referral program. Fill out the form to let your friends know the power of going solar. Once they contact us, receive their proposal, and sign their contract, we will give you a check for $500 for each referral.
Spread the word, it’s a Win-Win!

  • Dear
  • ,
  • I just got solar installed by Sun Badger Solar – the
  • solar company
  • in the Midwest.
  • The whole thing
  • was the most
  • experience
  • I've ever had.
  • Now that
  • I'm saving
  • of
  • I can't believe I
  • didn't do this sooner.
  • I think you might
  • enjoy having a heated
  • with them too.
  • Why don't you give them a shout?
  • – Go Get Lit!
  • Your new solar hook-up,

*See Sales Person for details. Restrictions may apply.

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