Do you have burning questions about solar energy and how to make it work for your home? Then come meet us in Madison, Wisconsin to learn how to make the sun work for you!

We’re hosting informational sessions over three days at two local breweries in the Madison area. Join us for free drinks, free information and a whole lot of savings on residential solar installation!

The first session will be Tuesday, May 7 at Wisconsin Brewing Company. The second session is Wednesday, May 8 also at Wisconsin Brewing Company. And the third session is Thursday, May 9 at Octopi Brewing. All three events start at 6:00 pm, and include a 30 minute presentation given by one of our highly-trained Solar Experts. The presentation is followed by a Q&A with our Solar Pros to answer and all of your burning questions.  

The event is free, drinks are free and info is free! Even better, when you sign up for a no-obligation consultation at the event, you’ll receive a Free Get Lit Loot bag, filled with a growler of your choice beer, pint glass, bottle opener, sunglasses and a reusable tote bag. And if you sign a contract by June 30, 2019, you’ll also get 5% off your solar panel installation (we weren’t lying about that whole lot of savings!).

Save your spot at any one of these events by signing up at the links below:

May 7 at Wisconsin Brewing Company

May 8 at Wisconsin Brewing Company

May 9 at Octopi Brewery

Don’t live near Madison but still want to learn more? We have solar events planned in other cities in the coming months. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or sign up to our newsletter to get details the moment they’re announced! Or you can always contact us anytime for more information and free solar consultation.

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