Last week we hosted three informational sessions in the Madison area to answer questions about solar energy and help residents understand how easy it is to go solar. We had a blast getting to know this eco-friendly community and spreading the good word of solar (and there were certainly no complaints about the tasty brews at Wisconsin Brewing Company and Octopi Brewing!).

Many attendees were surprised to learn some facts about solar and Sun Badger, so we wanted to share these common misconceptions:

  • Ten years ago, solar was known as something only the wealthy can own and could only be purchased by cash or taking a home equity line out. Now–since the cost of a panel has dramatically dropped, the technology has significantly improved, and we work with financing options–anyone and everyone the opportunity to own your own power. And financing options make it every more affordable!


  • If you can afford to pay your electricity bill each month, you can afford to purchase solar power and have it paid off in less than ten years for a future of free electricity.


  • From 2004-2016 the United States sold 1 million systems, from 2016-2018 we sold 2 million systems, and this year we are projected to sell 4 million systems throughout the states. That’s some impressive growth!


  • The inverter is the brains behind the solar energy system and if it does not work, your system will not work. At Sun Badger, we use the best of the best with the SolarEdge system, and have never had one fail since we have been using them.


  • The solar panels we use are rated for golf ball size hail at 60 mph. It’s more likely that you’d need to replace your roof before there is any damage to you solar panels.

For more information, check out the full presentation.

We had so much fun in Madison, we’ve decided to visit other cities. Stay tuned for dates and locations of other solar events soon! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or sign up to our newsletter to get details the moment they’re announced! Or you can always contact us anytime for more information and free solar consultation.