Power Grid Outages Related to Intensified Storms

It’s no secret that power grids are vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters. According to data from ClimageCentral.org, in recent years, two-thirds of the U.S. experienced an increase in power outages caused by extreme weather. Storms are getting more intense and severe in many parts of the world, including the United States. This extreme weather has caused unprecedented and unpredictable outages across larger regions. With this increase in risk comes a need for more preparation.

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The Problem: Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest threats currently facing humanity. As the planet warms we expect more intense weather, stronger storms, flooding in coastal areas, colder winters and hotter summers. And we’re already starting to see the effects. This year was full of record-breaking hurricanes, intense fires all from California to Colorado to Australia, and, of course, power outages from storms the grid was not equipped to handle.

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How More Intense Storms Affect Power

A stand out example of how the climate can have an effect on the grid were the rolling power outages in Texas this past winter. A blizzard the state was not equipped to handle left more than four million without power for days and, in some places, weeks on end. In this case, the record-breaking cold led to energy demands the grid was not prepared for, and icy conditions knocked a large portion of the state’s gas-fired plants offline. As the weather gets more extreme, we can expect more outages like this one. The power grids in many parts of the country are not equipped to handle weather this extreme.

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Resistance to Change

While the need to update power grids to handle more intense storms has become apparent, it has been met with resistance. The solutions suggested are costly. While the importance of updating the grid has come to a fierce light, the question remains, who will pay for these changes and how? There are no easy answers.

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The Solution: Sustainable Energy

While cost is an important factor to consider, the need to move to more sustainable methods of energy cannot be overstated. Solar power is a greener option and, though solar panels can be costly to install, they often pay for themselves in the long run. Currently, the government offers tax incentives for residential solar panels. If you care about the environment and want more reliable sources of energy, consider installing solar panels in your home.

Weather will continue to get more extreme and, as a result, we will see more power outages throughout the nation and world. We must invest in sustainable energy to keep people’s homes warm and safe. Our current power grid is not equipped to handle the storms we are now seeing. If you want to invest in sustainable energy, consider installing solar panels with Sun Badger Solar. Get a quote today.

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