This week one of our not-for-profit clients, Tricklebee Café, a pay-what-you-can community café in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is going live with their new solar system. And it got us thinking about our extensive history to help non-profits go solar and become more sustainable with solar energy.

Some are doing it for the environmental benefits. But many others are exploring solar for the ongoing energy cost savings which can be critical for the operating budget of a not-for-profit organization. Tricklebee Café, specifically, pursued solar as it fit into their mission, vision, and values and they are hoping to be an example for the neighborhood and inspire others to pursue renewable energy solutions.

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But how does Sun Badger Help Non-Profits Go Solar?

As with any customer, we first do an assessment of the property and historical energy usage to determine if solar panel installation is a good option. If so, we project the anticipated investment in going solar as well as the anticipated cost savings.

And here is where we have to get creative with our non-profit clients as we help them determine how to manage the upfront investment in adding solar.

One of our clients, Lutheran Church for the Living Christ, a church in Madison, Wisconsin ran a capital campaign among its members to help fund the installation. Another non-profit that focuses on providing housing, food, and other basic needs for low-income families, ECHO of Janesville, was the recipient of a generous donation from a former Sun Badger residential customer who wanted to help the non-profit fund its solar panel installation. Though in nearly all cases, the non-profits we work with also benefit from some grant funding to help offset the initial investment in solar installation.

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Highlighting Wisconsin Solar Programs for Non-Profits

Many of our Wisconsin not-for-profit solar clients benefit from Renew Wisconsin’s Solar for Good grant program which awards grant-funding or solar panels to nonprofit organizations to help them make the switch to more renewable energy. We work with our clients to help them through the process of applying for the grants which are awarded twice a year – spring and fall. Solar for Good is funded by the Couillard Foundation which also has a separate grant designed for schools considering a solar installation.

Helping our non-for-profit clients identify and apply for grant funding is a service that we’re very proud of at Sun Badger Solar. And for our residential and commercial customers, the Sun Badger Solar team has deep experience navigating financing and state and federal incentives to help offset the upfront investment in going solar.

Not in Wisconsin? Many states have similar programs and some utilities do as well. If you are in one of the states served by Sun Badger Solar, our solar experts can help you identify and take full advantage of those programs.

If you’re a non-profit or a homeowner or business owner considering solar, get a free solar panel quote.

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