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Finding a solar panel installer that will put you first and ensure that the job gets done right isn’t always easy. But, you’re in luck—Sun Badger Solar is that company! We’re a local solar energy system installation company founded on quality customer service and have been servicing Minnesota residents and business owners for years. We use only the latest solar technology and highest performance products when planning, designing, and constructing your solar array. Our knowledgeable project team works hard to ensure your satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a solar contractor in Minnesota to do the job the right, look no further than Sun Badger.

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guided us through the whole project

“From start to finish, Sun Badger Solar had a great solar power system in place for project tracking and communication. I would highly recommend Sun Badger for your solar project. I like that they have a central app for system performance and a service department for repairs. Step by step Sun Bager Solar has guided us through the whole project and at no point felt in the dark.”
– Anousone S., Minnesota

A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.
A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.


At Sun Badger Solar, we pride ourselves on offering the most reliable customer service in the solar industry. We arrive on time and deliver the services requested with professionalism throughout the installation of your solar panels. Our commitment to proper installation is what sets us apart from other solar companies on the market. Solar panels are a big investment and finding the right solar installation company can seem like a daunting task. The experts at Sun badger Solar have served the twin cities for many years and will be with you every step of the way.

 We believe no one should miss out on the benefits of solar energy because of the initial investment. We offer solar financing and knowledge on the available solar tax incentives. We’ll also work to make solar energy an affordable solution for you! Residential or commercial, 

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A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.


As soon as you’re ready to tap into the power of solar energy, we’ll be there to help. At Sun Badger, we are passionate about our customers and what we do. Our state-of-the-art solar energy systems will stand the test of time and are a great investment that will also help save the planet. It’s our goal to get your solar panels installed quickly so that you can start saving money on your electric bill and get back to your regular routine. Our licensed solar panel installation team is ready to get the job done. We ensure that no matter your needs, you can count on us for quality work on your solar system.

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A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.
A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.
A solar battery storage facility from Sun Badger Solar.


If reducing your carbon footprint is as important to you as it is to us, it’s definitely time to invest in renewable solar energy for your home or business. There are many types of renewable energy options out there, but our favorite has to be the sun! When you invest in a solar energy system, you not only save money on your utilities, you reduce your carbon emissions and do your part to help the earth. Solar electric systems help residents and businesses break free from utility companies while helping to save the environment. 

The solar installers at Sun Badger will design the perfect Solar energy system for your home or business. Contact us today for a free quote!!

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Your Minnesota Solar

state incentives and tax credits

you could get up to 35% of the cost credited back!


• 30% Federal Tax Credit for all customers
• Up to 5% utility rebate (20 kW or less)**


• 30% Federal Tax Credit
• Up to 5% utility rebate (20 kW or less)**
• 100% Bonus Depreciation in Year 1

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*This is only an estimate. Costs are subject to change based or solar assessment.
**For unshaded, south-facing roofs through select Minnesota utilities.

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Making a difference with my house and my story.

I would recommend Sun badger, they use solar panels with the highest efficiency on the market right now. So if you have limited space on your roof and you want to get the maximum amount of energy out of it, you need to go with the highest efficiency and that is what they offer.

Minnesota state Solar

Initiatives & Partnerships

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MNSEIA’S MISSION is to grow solar energy industries as part of Minnesota’s clean energy transition by delivering strong public policy, education, job creation and sustainable industry development.

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2022 Sustainability Award Winner

Best Company created a submission-based Sustainability Award to publicly recognize and congratulate companies that go the extra mile to be sustainable. Sun Badger is one out of eleven companies who have been given this award. While we do provide solar services, we also have adopted paperless billing and use electric vehicles throughout our company. Our solar panels are manufactured in the United States and are ethically sourced. We are proud to accept this award from Best Company.

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Minnesota Solar Panel home installations

Solar panel installations.
Solar panel installations on a house roof.
Solar panel installations on a house roof.
Minnesota | Get a free quote today!
Minnesota | Get a free quote today!


Sun Badger Solar is a local Minnesota solar energy installer that offers top-of-the-line solar panel installation technology and incredible customer service. Solar power is a great fit for MN winters and is one of the most tested sources of renewable energy on the planet. We use only the latest technology and highest performance products. Watch the video to learn more about the Sun Badger Experience from satisfied solar customers. If you are looking for a solar installation company near you look no further than Sun badger.


A tax-advantaged and energy-efficient solar power could be well within your budget. The solar installers at Sun Badger offer flexible financing options. Your financing will still benefit from federal solar tax credits, rebates, and additional solar incentives which could cover up to 40% of the total price. Install a solar system today and reduce your energy bill.

Curious about financing options? We can help! Reach out to Sun Badger today to get your Minnesota solar power system started with the most trusted solar companies in the twin cities!

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