The Sun Badger Solar team is thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our service area to Minnesota! As of June 1, we’re now providing solar panel installation for residential and commercial projects throughout the state, with no-wait, 90-day installation guarantees and 5% off competitor pricing.

Minnesota is an ideal market–it’s one of our country’s leading states when it comes to renewable energy. Residents and businesses are educated and eager to use solar energy, yet the wait times for consultations and installations are averaging nine-months to complete. You could have a child before your solar is installed!

We’ve built our development methodology to be smart, efficient and speedy, which means there’s no wait time for new customers and we’re able to offer a 90-day guarantee for completion of the project. You’d barely be out of the first trimester!

Our Minnesota team is led by solar industry veteran, Ben Ganje, who anticipates hiring a dozen workers across the state by the end of the year. “It’s encouraging to expand into a market like Minnesota, which fully embraces the economical and financial benefits that solar installations offer,” said Ben. “With Federal tax incentives lowering at the end of the year for both businesses and residents, we want to help as many people as possible to get their incentives – and we can do so in a guaranteed 90 days or less.”

In addition to the 5% off competitor pricing we’re offering, Minnesota residents and businesses can get up to 55% of the costs credited back through Federal and state incentives. Learn more about renewable energy incentives in Minnesota.

We’re excited to bring the Sun Badger experience to another state, and look forward to helping residents and businesses go solar, faster. Use our solar calculator to understand how much solar energy you need, and contact us today to schedule a free solar consultation.

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