We get excited about all of our solar system installs here at Sun Badger Solar. But every once in a while, we help a customer harness the power of solar energy and it creates a little buzz.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about our non-profit customer, Tricklebee Café going solar with the help of donations and grants. We often help out non-profits as they navigate the different options to help fund the installation of solar panels and it’s really gratifying.

Not only is it gratifying for us, but apparently, it’s also newsworthy. A local television station here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is going to be doing a series of segments about Tricklebee and their new solar panel system. Sun Badger Solar will be a part of the segments and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase this new install along with the wonderful team at Tricklebee. The segments will air on Thursday morning, June 16, on Milwaukee’s FOX-6 (WITI) and will feature Tricklebee’s executive director, Christie Melby-Gibbons and Sun Badger’s Dustin Sumner.

Milwaukee non-profit cafe goes solar

What is Trickleebee Café?

Tricklebee is a pay-what-you-can community café and they have been working hard to make a difference in their neighborhood. At Sun Badger we quickly connected with what they offer to their community:

We offer a space to foster community, connections, goodwill, and a love for real food with simple ingredients. By offering an inclusive and welcoming space, we hope to bring health, positivity, and peace to our neighborhood.

The new solar array is just the latest example of the café doing its part, environmentally in this instance, to benefit the greater good. They are hoping to lead by example and get their neighbors thinking more about renewable energy. As well as offset their energy usage in a way that helps them continue to serve those around them.

Christie and Dustin will talk about their solar installation and the utility savings, but Christie will also talk about other sustainable approaches that the café has implemented. For example, they are growing some of their own herbs and produce in an adjacent lot and at a nearby community garden.

You can dig even deeper into Tricklebee’s mission by visiting their website or, if you’re in Milwaukee, stopping by for a bite.

solar on Milwaukee cafe

Shining A Light on Tricklebee’s Solar Install

Solar Panels, Kilowatts, Microinverters and Racking

For you solar nerds (like us) who want the stats, at Tricklebee we installed a 12.76kW solar system comprised of 29 high-wattage solar panels, equipped with panel-level monitoring provided by Enphase microinverters. Working with Enphase is one example of how Sun Badger sources the very best components to ensure the quality of our installations.

The system at Tricklebee was installed using a “ballasted racking system” which allows us to install panels with little to no punctures on flat roofs. At Sun Badger, we come across all different sizes and shapes of roofs and in nearly all cases, we’re able to find a solution for solar panel installation. Tricklebee’s large flat roof was no exception.

Navigating Solar Grants for Not-for-Profit Customers

Tricklebee, like many of our non-profit Wisconsin solar customers, took advantage of Renew Wisconsin’s Solar for Good program which awards grant-funding or solar panels to not-for-profit organizations to help them make the switch to more renewable energy. Solar for Good is funded by the Couillard Foundation and has two different granting periods one in the spring and one in fall.

Helping our not-for-profit clients identify and apply for grant funding is a service that we’re very proud of at Sun Badger Solar. And for our residential and commercial customers, the Sun Badger Solar team has deep experience in navigating financing and state and federal incentives to help offset the upfront investment in going solar.

If you’re a non-profit or a homeowner or business owner considering solar, get a free solar panel quote.

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