Welcome to our next edition of Meet the Badgers, where we introduce you to the fine folks working at Sun Badger Solar. Last time we met Noah Rothschild, a Senior Energy Consultant helping the good people and businesses of Chicagoland learn about the benefits of solar

Today, we’re getting to know Jeremy Borouchoff. Jeremy is an Inside Sales & Business Development Manager in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area helping home and business owners cut energy costs by switching to renewable solar energy. Read on to learn more about Jeremy. 

Tell us about your position. What is a “Day in the Life” like for you?

I manage the Inside Sales team at Sun Badger Solar. My day consists of interfacing with our inside and outside sales teams and executive management to ensure that customer inquiries are responded to in a timely and effective manner. A big part of what our team does is work with our customers to provide them with the information they need to make an educated investment decision and how their decision to go solar impacts them on a personal/economic level, as well as how it impacts the health of their local, regional and global environments.

Where did you work prior to joining Sun Badger Solar?

I worked in the construction industry for a commercial design/build firm with a focus on customers in the Midwest.

Why do you enjoy working in the solar/renewable energy industry? 

This industry is booming and our customers are becoming more aware each day of the significant economic and environmental impact of going solar. There is always something new to learn and it is exciting to be on the cutting edge of technology that gives our customers energy independence and healthy returns on their investments in solar energy.

What first drew you to working with Sun Badger Solar?

The owners of the company, Trevor and Kris, impressed me with their progressive mindset and their commitment to their employees, growing their company and bringing solar technology to the world.

What has been your favorite project or one that gave you the most pride?

I am most proud of the fact that our team more than doubled our number of meetings with prospective customers within the first 60 days of my coming on board with the company.

What has surprised you most about working at Sun Badger Solar?

How much fun I am having and how much I enjoy the people – both coworkers and customers – that I get to work with every day.

What three words would you use to describe Sun Badger Solar?

Prosperous, Customer-Focused and Fiercely Engaged

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am studying to become a cantor so that I can be the spiritual and musical leader of my congregation. I also enjoy cooking, traveling,theatre and philately.

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