Welcome to our latest edition of Meet the Badgers, where we introduce you to the solar experts working at Sun Badger™ Solar. You’ve already had the pleasure of getting to know Noah Rothschild, a Senior Energy Consultant in Chicago, and James Watters, a Regional Sales Manager, also working the Milwaukee area.

Today, we’re learning more about Ian Peldonia. Ian is the Senior Solar Designer based in Milwaukee, helping homeowners and businesses take back their power! Read on to learn more about Ian and his super solar powers!

Tell us about your position. What is a “Day in the Life” like for you?
I’m the Senior Solar Designer here at Sun Badger.  A day in the life for me is exciting and challenging.  I help customers in making the decision to take back their power so to speak, for themselves and not rely on the utility company for all of their energy needs. 

Working with both our Inside and Outside Sales Teams, I take the acquired data from our customers and design solar arrays with the best products in the market that fit the customers’ energy usage needs.  Working in this field of renewable energies has given me this newfound sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Where did you work prior to joining Sun Badger™ Solar?
I worked in the Automotive Industry for 15 years.  A majority of my time I worked at the dealership level, specifically in Parts and Service Fixed Operations.

Why do you enjoy working in the solar/renewable energy industry? 
I feel like I’m contributing to an industry that is positive and growing.  I’m surrounded by some of the best coworkers and every day we’re empowering customers to save money by investing in the way their homes are powered and also helping folks lower their carbon footprint by doing so.  It’s really rewarding.

What first drew you to working with Sun Badger™ Solar?
What drew me in was the excitement for an industry shared by one of the companies founders, Kris Sipes.  I was interested in the technology behind solar and the capabilities of it in our daily lives.

What has been your favorite project or one that gave you the most pride?
I don’t know if I have a specific “favorite” project, but the thing I’m proud of is seeing a design that I’ve put together actually on a home!  It’s awesome to see it go from the proposal phase to totally functioning and producing power. That is a great feeling overall, so in retrospect, I just love seeing more and more people going solar across the three states we service currently!

[Editor’s note: Ian is humble and didn’t want to mention it, but he’s currently in the process of having solar panels installed on his own home, and he himself was the designer for the project! What a special honor to be able to design the solar energy system going up on your home! Every time he opens his electricity bill, he’ll know he played a major role in reducing it!]


What has surprised you most about working at Sun Badger™ Solar?
What has surprised me is the amount of enthusiasm for renewable energies.  I work with a team that cares about helping customers change their lives in a very positive way with going solar, and that’s not only surprising but also refreshing.

What three words would you use to describe Sun Badger™ Solar?
Professional, Caring, and Enthusiastic.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I like to travel with my fiance whenever I can.  I’m a huge motorcycle and car enthusiast, so road trips are my jam and also doing photography and other creative outlets.  Hanging with our fur babies (pup and kitty), and definitely being a foodie. Hanging with friends and doing outdoor activities.

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