Going solar is a smart business decision. Just ask Kar-Tech, a premier designer and manufacturer of wireless control systems and hydraulic equipment.

Kar-Tech contacted us late last year ago to discuss the feasibility and benefits of a commercial solar installation at their facility in Delafield, Wisconsin. As one of the most innovative companies in the hydraulic controls space, they were looking for an equally progressive way to increase efficiencies and effectiveness of their business. When we revealed that Kar-Tech could offset their electricity use by up to 94%, it was a no brainer for John Karbassi, VP of Operations of Kar-Tech.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring innovation and efficiency to Kar-Tech,” says John. “Inside our facility, it’s a well-oiled and sophisticated machine, but our roof was just wasted space. Now it’s an asset for our company.”

Kar-Tech’s 30,00 square foot facility provided ample room for installing an extensive solar panel system. In just 2 weeks, we installed 336 Hanwah Q Cells solar panels across the roof, which will produce 163,921 kWh annually for the business. This energy will be used to power all aspects of their business, from engineering and manufacturing to R&D and operations.

Kar-Tech’s completed commercial solar installation

In addition to the cost savings and efficiencies, the benefits of solar energy for Kar-Tech include: increased marketing opportunities, employee engagement and meeting “green” standards that today’s clients demand.

“Once businesses see the cost savings, it becomes a numbers game, and you can’t argue with that,” says Kris Sipe, Managing Director of Sun Badger Solar. “The other benefits are the sprinkles on top.”

If you’re interested in installing solar panels at your business, contact us for a free consultation and custom quote.