Feeling overwhelmed about finding the best solar panels for your home?

There is tons of information out there on solar panels and learning about the many types, brands, and features can be stressful. Beyond just finding the right panels and systems, you’ll need to find the right person to install the system for you.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help make this process as smooth as possible.

Today we’re offering 7 steps to help you find how to choose the best solar panels for your home. Whether you’re just beginning your solar journey, or are looking to finish up the process and get it installed, there’s something here for you.

men installing solar panels on a residential roof

Understanding Solar Energy

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s give a brief overview of what solar panels are. At the most basic level, solar panels collect sunlight and transfer it to a solar inverter where it is then turned into electricity. This electricity can then be used for powering your home immediately, stored in a power bank for later use, or sometimes be bought by electric companies and injected  back into the grid use elsewhere.

Decide What Type of Solar Panel is Right For You

There are a few different types of solar panel options, each with its unique benefits.

Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, and Thin-Film Amorphous make up the three different panels on the market. There are pros and cons to each of these, but for now, all you need to know is that monocrystalline and polycrystalline are the two most common types of solar panels.

Your solar installer can help guide you to the best panel based on your home’s location and budget. At Sun Badger Solar we only install monocrystalline because we’ve found them to be the most superior in performance.

The other thing to consider is purchasing an off-grid solar system. These systems allow your home to be entirely off the grid and sustained by only solar for electricity.

Calculate How Much Power Your Home Will Use
Electric meter calculating how much energy a home uses

The size of your home will determine how many solar panels and how big of an inverter you’re going to need for your solar system. The bigger your home is, the larger the initial investment to power it.

Consider using our free solar calculator to see how much solar you’d need for your home.

See if You Can Receive Any Tax Credits or Incentives

Tax incentives and incentives from energy companies will help make the investment into your solar system more affordable. Find out what kind of incentives your state and local power company offers.

If you need help understanding incentives or researching what your state offers, we’re here to help! You can find our solar incentives page here.

calculating tax savings from solar panels

Figure Out if Your is Home Ready for Solar

After you’ve decided on a system and developed a budget, you’ll need to make sure your house is ready to handle the addition of solar panels. Some homes are more capable than others, but almost all homes can be improved to handle solar panels.

Important things to consider are the condition of your roofing and what supports it. Solar panels are not heavy — about three pounds per square foot — but some instances do require an engineering study. The age of your roof is the key consideration. If it needs to be replaced in the next 3-5 years, then we would recommend replacing it before installing solar panels.

An alternative to installing solar on your roof is installing it as a ground system. Choosing to install a ground mount solar array isn’t always the best option when it comes to visibility and it can take up a lot of space in your yard. But, it’s not a bad alternative. For people with extra space or an abundance of land, a ground mount might be the best option.

house with solar panels on roof

Find the Right Solar Company

Finding the right solar provider and installer is a crucial step in this process. Finding a trustworthy and reliable company that can deliver for you will make your process even smoother. Here’s a list of some of the best solar companies in the nation!

Here are a few things to look for in a solar company:

  • Do they have current and updated reviews?
  • Are they going to help you get the incentives you need for your project?
  • Are they thorough and good at communicating?
  • Do they put their customers first?

If you are looking for a company that checks all these boxes, give us a call today! At Sun Badger Solar, we are a strong advocate for solar, continuously working towards boosting awareness for solar panels and the benefits they provide. We want homeowners everywhere using solar, even if they choose not to use our services. We take renewable, green energy seriously.

Enjoy Your New Green Home

After you’ve gotten the above steps completed and your new solar system installed, there’s only one thing left to do and that’s enjoying your green home! You’ll be able to see the difference that you’re making by reducing your carbon footprint and you’ll be able to save money on your electric bills.

We hope that you’ve found these steps useful and that they’ll help get you one step closer to having solar panels on your home! If you have any questions about the above steps, feel free to reach out to us. We genuinely love informing people about solar!

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