How Sun Badger Helps to Alleviate Solar Supply Chain Concern

It’s no surprise that nearly every industry is experiencing supply chain issues right now and for the foreseeable future. It’s been all over the media and you can experience it for yourself at any car dealership or at the sparsely populated shelves of your local store.

And while the renewable energy industry is facing it too, at Sun Badger Solar we’ve taken some steps to alleviate these issues for our current and future customers.

What’s behind the supply chain issues?

While supply chains are complicated, we can boil it down to two major factors that are impacting the availability and price of solar panels.

  • Logistics: The same factors that are impacting other industries are impacting solar. A global workforce shortage and pent-up demand combine to create bottlenecks in the system. You’ve seen the images of the cargo ships in the Pacific Ocean waiting in line to get to U.S. ports? A lot of the goods and materials we’re all waiting for (including solar panels and the holiday gifts we’ve ordered) are sitting on those ships. And even when the shipping containers are off-loaded, there aren’t enough warehouse workers and truckers to keep things moving.
  • Human Rights Issues: For solar in-particular, the second factor is that a key ingredient in the cells in a solar panel, polysilicon, is made primarily in a certain area of China that is linked to human rights abuses against minority ethnic and religious groups including allegations of forced labor. As a result, at least one major supplier of polysilicon is under a U.S. import ban.

What we’re doing at Sun Badger Solar

large open windows
large open windows

We Work with the Best

To begin with, since long before logistics issues and supply chain disruptions, our preferred supplier of solar panels has been LG. LG manufactures solar panels in Huntsville, AL and South Korea and they are far superior in quality and efficiency to any other solar panel on the market.

As an LG Pro Platinum Partner, we have access to panels that other installers don’t. Because we are one of their primary U.S. solar installers, we are now using their most efficient, highest wattage panel, the NeON R Prime. No other installer in the Midwest will be able to buy these panels directly from LG.

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What That Means for You

What our relationship with LG means for you is that we can get solar panels from them while many of our competitors have to wait in line – and that line is long.

As a result, our contract-to-install times are much shorter than what many other solar developers are quoting. While others are quoting more than six months, and in some cases, more than a year, we are getting most of our homeowners installed and up and running within four months.

That means our customers are getting the highest quality solar panels installed months earlier. That’s several extra months of energy savings in their pocket and a jump start on the sustainable benefits of solar.

With our LG Pro solar panels, you get more power AND more money in your pocket. If you’re thinking about solar and don’t want to wait a year or more, reach out for a free quote today.

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