Solar panels have long been blue and are slowly becoming black. Is this just for aesthetic reasons, or are there real benefits to having solar panels that are blue versus black?

In today’s post, we’ll break it down and help you understand both how solar panels work and why they’re the colors they are. Let’s dive in!

Solar Panel Colors 101

You might suspect solar panels to be blue or black because of the way the light hits them. If that was your guess, then you’d be exactly right! Solar panels are blue and black because of the components that are used within them and the different ways that those components respond to the light.

Different Types of Panels

Unless you’re a true solar nerd, you probably didn’t know that there were different kinds of solar panels. But, there are several variations of solar panels. These different variations have different colors of panels. The materials that make-up these different panels also vary.

Black Solar Panels

modern, black solar panels on a home

Black solar panels are almost always made up of monocrystalline, and these are monocrystalline panels. The silicon used in black panels or monocrystalline is much purer and more refined than the polycrystalline used in blue panels. Black panels are often seen as higher quality because they produce more energy and are more efficient than polycrystalline panels.

Blue Solar Panels

blue solar panels on a home

When talking about blue solar panels, we’ll almost always be referring to polycrystalline panels. These panels often aren’t quite as efficient as the individual or monocrystalline cell. Blue solar panels are created from multiple silicon cells and are much cheaper to manufacture.

Advantages of Blue and Black Solar Panels

There are some advantages of choosing one solar panel color over the other. While not one solar panel is necessarily superior to the other, you’ll likely find one of them more appealing than the other. Whether this is because of look, cost, or efficiency ratings, the choice is yours to make.

Positives to Black Solar Panels

There are a few different points that are often looked at when it comes to black solar panels. One of the big things is that black solar panels are generally much more efficient than their blue counterparts. Because each silicon cell is aligned and placed perfectly in order, less of the sun’s energy is missed. For this reason, many homeowners will choose black solar panels because fewer are needed to capture the same amount of energy. Here are a few more positive points to consider:

  • Absorb more light due to the black color.
  • Better performance in warm weather.
  • Space-saving design makes them more appealing to those with less roof space.
  • Most black solar panels will last significantly longer.

Positives to Blue Solar Panels

Blue solar panels most often show their advantages when it comes to cost. Because monocrystalline (black) panels have a much more meticulous manufacturing process, they do cost more than blue panels. Additionally, blue panels offer a greener alternative because the manufacturing process is simpler and involves less waste. Here are some more advantages:

  • Less expensive to repair due to being more standard.
  • Least expensive upfront cost of all solar panels.
  • A greener and more eco-friendly solution.

What’s Best for Your Home

After digging into solar panels and looking at the different options available today, how will you decide what’s right for your home? Solar technology is also constantly changing, so what’s best for your home today might not be the best 3-5 years from now. Does that mean you shouldn’t invest in solar? Not at all!

Solar is an investment into your future and will allow you to save money on your electricity bill immediately while also adding value to your home.

At Sun Badger Solar, we only install black solar panels or monocrystalline panels because we’ve found them to be the best and most efficient option on the market. We want our customers to be able to produce electricity from their solar panels for years to come. Black solar panels will allow our customers to do just that. Reach out to us today to learn more about why we’re choosing to install black solar panels on our customers’ homes.

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