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There’s a lot of hype out there around renewable energy and how it will help to shape a brighter future for everyone. Whether it’s saving money or limiting the chemicals put off into the atmosphere, the benefits of renewable energy are second to none.

Renewable energy sources vary in magnitude and use. Some renewable energy systems are designed for private use at homes. Other systems are used at a much larger scale to provide renewable energy sources for many homes and businesses at one time.

Sources of Renewable Energy

There are many places or different ways to source renewable energy. Here are a few of the most notable and common places.

Solar Energy

How Does Solar Energy Work: Ultimate Guide To Solar Energy In 2021 | If you've been considering solar for any amount of time, then you might find yourself wondering, how does solar energy work? At Sun Badger Solar, we love breaking down and explaining how solar energy works.

As you might have guessed, we’re a solar company, which means that solar energy is one of our favorite ways to produce renewable energy. We’ve found that it’s cost-effective and will be around long enough to make you money while helping to reduce your carbon footprint. There are many different solar options available, such as entry-level solutions that allow you to “try-out” solar without fully committing to transferring your whole home to solar.

If you’re interested in learning more about the solar energy solutions that we offer, reach out to us today or check out our website!

Wind Energy

wind energy

Wind energy is another great renewable energy alternative. You’ve no doubt seen a wind farm if you’ve spent any time in the central United States over the past few years. Huge amounts of land have been dedicated to these wind farms to create a reliable energy source for America’s future. While wind farms are a great commercial venture for governments and large energy businesses, wind turbines aren’t always great for individual residential uses. But, that doesn’t mean that they never work for residential use.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the process of piping water down into the earth where the earth core heats it, and another pipe directs the steam to a point where it spins a propeller that generates electricity. That electricity is then channeled wherever it needs to go. Again, like wind energy, geothermal is not a popular solution for residential electricity production, but it is a viable option for the future of renewable energy. A more common residential product is a geothermal heating and cooling system.

geothermal power plant


Biomass energy or biofuels are both great alternatives to traditional energy production methods. The goal of biomass products is to create an energy source from renewable resources such as plants that will absorb the carbon emissions put off while it burns. This should, in turn, create a loop of renewable energy.

biomass power plant with storage for reusable energy

Benefits of Renewable Energy for Homeowners

Homeowners that choose to use renewable energy sources will see quite a few benefits. Here are two of the biggest benefits that we believe homeowners will see.

Saving Money

Traditional electricity is expensive. That’s just a fact. If you want to save money on your electricity bill, then you should consider looking into purchasing or gaining access to a renewable energy source.

Traditional energy solutions such as coal, oil, and other fossil fuels are continually becoming more expensive. In contrast, these new energy sources are going down in cost, and the technology becomes more readily available.

Beyond simply mitigating some of the costs associated with energy use, the US government and some state and local governments offer tax incentives for installing renewable energy systems such as wind turbines and solar panels.

If saving money is your top concern, solar panels may be worth it for you in the long run.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Another benefit of using renewable energy is the different ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint. Every person has a carbon footprint, and almost every action you take will have an impact on carbon emissions. Whether that’s turning a light on, driving to work, or buying a new iPhone, your decisions impact the atmosphere through carbon emissions. We must take care of our planet and live sustainably.

Renewable sources of energy offer ways for you to reduce your household’s carbon footprint by using a product like solar that has no carbon emissions for the electricity that it produces. Better yet, solar panels utilize one of the best energy sources in the universe—our sun.

If you’re interested in learning more about energy efficiencies and how solar panels could help you and your home fight climate change, reach out to us today! We’d love to talk about implementing clean energy practices in your home. At Sun Badger, we offer a variety of options for different size systems, including systems that can virtually replace your dependence on the grid.

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