you are one step closer to solar power

We have some helpful hints to move your project along faster. Please review the following information.

First, please inform your salesperson if you have any Homeowners Association applications that you need us to take care of.

ComEd Customers: Please confirm that ComEd is your current energy supplier. If you currently get your energy from a Residential Energy Supplier (RES), please make the switch back to ComEd ASAP. This will allow for easy interconnection processing, as well as a guaranteed slot in ComEd’s net metering program.

What to Expect Next

1 /

Confirm your loan & introduce the team

Upon signing your contract, you will have received a request for signature from Enerbank to confirm your loan amount. Once signed, we will have then introduced you to your project managers and construction team, and you will be set up on our project management system Basecamp.

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Surveyor & Electrical Review

Within a week of signing off on your financing, you should hear from your PM to get a site survey scheduled. Our surveyor will review the roof (interior and exterior) and electrical system in person. They also review your electrical panel to ensure it is up to code and has space for the solar breakers.

3 /

Physical Layout for your approval

Within 2 weeks of site survey completion, an official layout is designed and posted for your review and approval. This process ensures you have the production you want, and meets any and all aesthetic, and fire code requirements.

4 /

Financing Finalized

When you approve your layout, Sun Badger will countersign your Enerbank documents so that we have the financing ready to go for material order. This will officially start the clock on your loan. We apply for interconnection and net metering with the electric company.

5 /

Structural Engineers Approval

Formal plan sets get compiled and sent to our structural engineers for approval. If any structural reinforcements need to be made, we will let you know at this stage and will provide you with a price point.

6 /

Be Aware of HOA Requriements

Structural engineers give the thumbs up, then we submit to your city/village (Authority Holding Jurisdiction) for permitting. This is also when HOA approvals should be made, so please make sure we are aware of any HOA requirements!

7 /

Electric Company & City Approvals

Now, the fun part – WAITING. We wait for the electric company to approve interconnection and net metering, and we wait for your city to approve the construction permit. Some cities take 2 days, some take 6 weeks. The utility takes approximately 4 weeks to grant all approvals.

8 /

Set an Install Date

Once all approvals come through, we order your materials and set an install date. Material can be delivered within 2 days and an install date can be set within 3 weeks. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, your install will take 1-4 days (depending on system size).

9 /

Construction is complete

Once construction is complete, you will need to sign off on the second round of Enerbank financing documents. This happens the day the crew is off the roof. We schedule a final inspection with the city. This typically happens within 1 week.

10 /

Final Inspection & Permission to Operate

Final inspection passes and we submit the inspection ticket to the utility. Your utility has 10 business days to give us the official Permission To Operate (this means we can turn it on!). This will happen within 10 business days. Once we get Permission To Operate from ComEd, and we let you know how to flip the switch to ON.

11 /

Configure your SolarEdge Monitoring Portal

So, your system is on! And you want proof. Within 48 hours of turning the solar system on, we configure your SolarEdge Monitoring portal. You will receive an email directly from SolarEdge, allowing you to create a login to view your system’s production information.

12 /

Closeout Meeting

You let your Project Manager know when you are available for a 10 minute closeout call – they will walk you through SolarEdge Monitoring if you need, answer any lingering questions you may have, and get the details from you about how the process went.

Illinois State Incentives – SRECs:

3 Steps to your incentives

1 / Review & Sign SRECs Form

Right around the time of construction completion, you will be receiving an email from the Illinois Power Agency. In the email is a Disclosure Form from the “Illinois Shines” Program – which is the official name of the SRECs. Please review and electronically sign this.

2 / Official SREC contract

Within 3 weeks of signing the disclosure form, you will then receive the official SREC contract from our SREC vendors at Carbon Solutions Group. This is the one that matters most – you have to sign this in order to complete the application process with the state of Illinois.

3 / System on & You get Paid

Once that is signed, Illinois will review and process your application. Payment should be expected within 4 months of turning your system on.

Have more questions?

Reach out to your Sun Badger Project Manager. They’re always available via email, text, phone call, or Basecamp.