4 Ways To Improve Your Property Value With Sun Badger Solar

Invest In Your Own Future With Residential Solar Panel Installations

There are very few residential projects and additions that are as cost-effective and worthwhile as solar panels. Sun Badger Solar’s mission is to help homeowners in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida harness the power of the sun to power their everyday lives, saving money on energy bills and putting more dollars in their pockets. Discover how partnering with Sun Badger Solar can help you increase your property value and improve your future, and contact us today to get started!

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Evaluate Your Roof

Installing solar panels on your residential property is an excellent transformation for your entire electricity consumption. While the panels themselves carry a variety of long-term benefits, such as being low maintenance and environmentally-friendly, it is also imperative that they be installed on a solid, sturdy roof. For the best performance possible, Sun Badger Solar will survey your roof and can coordinate with your roofing company to make needed improvements.

arborist removing cluttered trees from property

Remove Cluttered Or Dying Trees

One the of the best ways to ensure your Sun Badger Solar panels are used most effectively is to carefully consider the number of trees on your property and their height. While many of us may have trees growing on our property, ones that are at danger of damaging your home or are tall enough to block the panel’s sunlight are not favorable. By removing trees that are too tall, unhealthy, or at risk of causing injury, you as a homeowner can better increase your property value and freely reap the benefits of solar panels.

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Install Solar Panels On The Roof

Perhaps the most notable way Sun Badger Solar can help you increase your property value is through our namesake: our solar panel installations to help improve your home’s functions. These valuable assets save you money on your monthly bills and can even help generate income through the surplus electricity they gather. These high-quality, long-lasting home additions are a major incentive for realtors and potential buyers to be more interested in your property when it comes time to sell.

solar panels on a residential roof

Add More Low-Maintenance Aspects

While adding more features to your residential property can increase its value, it’s also important to consider how much time and energy is required to care for said features. Sun Badger Solar’s solar panel installations are not only incredibly valuable and useful, but require very little upkeep. Instead of cleaning them yourself, any rain showers will take care of this for you. Even if something goes wrong, each of our panels have a 25-year warranty, and we are happy to help out in case anything happens!

Improving your property value and investing back into your home has never been easier with Sun Badger Solar. Browse all the benefits of partnering with us and get a free quote online!

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